We'd like to introduce ourselves - We are the proud owners of "Beckatt Bengal Cattery" the home of this very exciting intelligent breed of cat. We live in Gippsland Australia, our home is high in the hills with wonderful views of the Valley.

Our Daughter with kittens
Our daughter snuggling with two new additions to our family.

Every day we have a busy schedule with our growing family of four children and many cats. We love Bengals and have put a lot of time, effort, and money into researching the breed and establishing our quality breeding program.
Breeding and showing our bengals is something we enjoy very much and have a great passion for, but this is something that takes time, patience, and determination.

Our Endeavour is for all of our cats to be top quality and produce top quality kittens to go to loving pet homes and also to approved breeding programs.

Our ability to enrich the Bengal breed, comes from two things:

  1. Having the access and working with champion blood from imported bengals
  2. Working with, and having great mentor access to accomplished Bengal breeders from around the world.

We feel enormously privileged and proud, not only to be breeding such an amazing animal but to be working with what we feel are some of the "Best of the Best", the most amazing and talented bengal breeders in the world.

Our Daughter with kitten
Which one of us is cuter?!
Our Daughter with kitten
Which one of us is cuter?!
Dave at the show
Dave at the Jazzy Cats Kool Kats show in Lodi, California, with judge Connie Webb.

We have also gained some wonderful friends and mentors( have a look in our links page), and now own some extremely special cats like our 'Tequila' and our Wild looking Thunderstorm. Which we have to express our enormous gratitude to our friend Kathy hunter of Sierragold Bengals for entrusting us with these two amazing Cats. We import selective, top quality Bengals from top quality lines so as to introduce new lines here to our Australian breeding program. We believe that our program, working along with other selective breeding programs, both here in Australia and overseas, will go on to further the look and temperament of the Bengal.