The site of our new cattery
The shell is up, we are getting there
The sides are on, not long to go now!

Building our castle

We thought you might like to look at the progress as we (dave, aka our builder hehehe) were building our cattery. Some great shots.


Hi Mel and Dave,
Well I just wanted you to know how wonderful it was to drive to your cattery today and meet you and your stunning cats and little babies (oh I want to take them all home with me!!!!!!). Thank you so much for showing us around your cattery, I must say that it was somewhat of an experience seeing what you and dave have done, and how much work you have put in to building your cattery. It was very reassuring to know where our new kitten is coming from and I have no reservations at all in getting a kitten from you, your cattery was so clean and homely. To be truthful I didn’t even know it was not your home till you told us it was all for the cats, some very lucky cats. In finding the right little kitten we have checked out quite a few cattery’s and not really been 100% happy to buy from them so it was so refreshing to be so sure that you are the ones we will get our new little (yet to be named) man from. We cant wait till it comes time to bring him home and have our own little leopard running around us as you do.
Thank you so much and we will see you soon


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