Welcome to our queen page, here you will see wild beauty and elegance at its best. All of these females have wonderful personalities and are extremely loving.

These dams are here because we feel that they all have something special to offer the breed, and will produce wonderful, wild looking companions. Each one of our females has her own gallery, just click on the link below each photo, to see more of them.

Beckatt Peppercorn
Sire: Galaxy
Dam: IMP Sierragold Platinum Fascination

We have not seen these black black markings on a Bengal in quite a while. She is a very interesting girl, although being a brown girl she looks very silver looking (what we call cooler coloured brown) She has some tight rosetting in those black markings and a long sleek body like her mother. She defiantly makes a statement with her wild looks.

Beckatt Heart Fancy (AKA little fancy)
Sire: Imp USA Gogees Heartbreaker
Dam: Imp USA Sierra Gold Platinum Fascination

Well this girl is a good representation of both of her parents. She was named after her mother and father because they were such a good match for a silver and a brown. With her stunning dark outlined rosettes and the rich deep red of her father. She has a great strong profiled head of her mother and the very good size and solid structure of her father. it is such a delight to watch her grow, we feel she will be a great asset to your program as are most of our wonderful heart breaker babies.

Beckatt Head over Heels
Sire: Imp USA Gogees heartbreaker
Dam: Beckatt Electric Storm

Heels is a very big big girl like her brother (Beckatt the secrets out) she was the biggest in her litter even next to her brother. She has a very wild head just like her grandfather (sierra gold thunderstorm of beckatt) which we were more than pleased that this carried on through to her. she also has carried through with the very dark inky black markings/rosettes, which are not to big and that adds to her leopard type. She is very much cooler coloured without orange but she is still classified as a brown marked Bengal. People have commented how striking she is and how leopard looking she is.

Beckatt Snow Storming Around
Sire: IMP Galaxy of Beckatt
Dam: Beckatt Electric Storm

This wonderful girl has so much spunk, she is so full of mischief and activity. She gets around our in home-cattery in super top speed and fly’s through the air to catch any toy that you might be playing with. She looks so striking with her dark markings on her lovely white background and her eyes, well what can i say that her photos don’t tell you! They stand out like shining precious jewels on her light face. She has the very wild head shape and small ears like her mother, which has come down from her grandfather USA IMP Thunderstorm. She has the outstanding rosetting like her father Galaxy, what a grand mix of everything wonderfull!!

Beckatt Roxsands
Beckatt Ecliptical

Beckatt Ecliptical
Sire: Galaxy
Dam: Aridlands Istas Princess Of Beckatt (now retired)

Ecliptical is just like her father Galaxy although I think she has even more glitter and silk, if that is even possible to have more than galaxy. She is extremely dark in her markings, she has so much silk that it is hard sometimes to even see her markings thus is even harder to take photos of. She slinks around our cattery and always wants attention, she is the biggest smooch and is a very playful cat that gets on well with all the other cats. We cant wait to start using her in our breeding program.

Beckatt Little Rox
Sire: Sierragold Tequila Sunrise
Dam: Beckatt Roxsands

LittleRox has all the glitter of her mum (Beckatt roxsands). She is a long sleek girl that, much to our delight has no rib baring at all and coupled with her tight little rosettes and very clear rich colored coat, has such a leopard look. She has such a sweet loving nature and would bend over backwards to get a pat just like her dad Tequila. She is a very calm and placid cat until you bring the cat toys out and then she looks at you in ready to pounce

Beckatt Storm Wave
Sire: IMP Sierra gold Thunderstorm of Beckatt Bengals
Dam: IMP Wildlove Creme Cachet of Beckatt Bengals

Storm wave is our first silver marble, she is very well marked and has no tarnish, we feel that she will make a good name for the marble bengals of Australia, her pattern is flowing and her markings are opening up to have yet more interest to them. She is of outstanding quality, both of her parents being USA imports, and it is no secret that her father Thunderstorm is my favorite stud boy we have here. We are sooooooo excited to have her and will be showing her this year.

Beckatt Electric Storm
Sire: IMP Sierra gold Thunderstorm of Beckatt
Dam: Warpaint simply stunning of Beckatt

>What can I say about this wonderful silver girl that we have waited so long for! She is so stunning just like her mum Simply Stunning and has the amazing wild head of her dad Thunderstorm She is a BIG BIG girl, one of the biggest kittens that we have ever had, which is to be expected as both her parents are the biggest cats we have.
The kids just love her and her smooooooochy personality and her fun loving quirky ways. They have nicknamed her Oomfolomfer because of the way she bounds around our house as if she owns it. She will add some very good bone structure to our breeding program and carry on the lovely wild head of her dad. And we cant wait to see what she does on the show bench, so keep tuned for her progress and see her babies in the future.

SierraGold Platinum Fascination
Sire: Triple Grand Champion Titanium
Dam: ch Balihai Kaleena

Some well known cats in his lines, ch Stonehenge Rolling Stone, sgc rw Gogees War Paint

I can't say enough for this extraordinary girl that her amazing pedigree doesn’t already say. Her father being a triple grand champion "Stonehenge Titanium of Sierra Gold" - Which makes for a big hit! She has striking spots on a lovely light clear coat which lead right around to her white tummy. She has very rounded little ears, a great ALC look and a very white clear backround with such dark markings. All in all she has some very nice markings and a plush pelt. What a special girl she is! Once again, a tribute to our friend Kathy Hunter at SierraGold.

Sierragold Platinum Fascination
Sierragold Platinum Fascination
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Wildlove Crème Cachet of Beckatt Imported U.S.A.
Sire: ch Wildlove Great Balls of Fire
Dam: Wildlove Crystal Ice

Some well known cats in his lines, iw Supreme Gh Jumanji Mercury Rising, quadruple gd ch Wildlove Sammy Snowsa, rw ggc Hunterdonhall Ares, iw sgc Hunterdonhall Tarzan.

We are excited to be introducing this wonderful tricolor marble into our lines. This fantastic female has amazing clear flowing horizontal pattern, with warm browns and a very clear light oatmeal color background, which makes her stand out in the crowd. She has extremely large round piercing eye, with a wild profile. We think here at Beckatt Bengals, that she may very well be the best tri colour marble here in Australia, we are so excited and can’t wait to see her champion offspring.

Wildlove Crème Cachet of Beckatt
Wildlove Crème Cachet of Beckatt
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