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Hey, get off me!
Hey, get off me!

Kittens from Beckatt Bengals™ are raised with our family, for your family, and each of them, are given special attention by our four children and other pets. All of our kittens come to you de-sexed, micro chipped, wormed, parasites free (flea & worm free) have appropriate vaccinations and are toilet trained.

We strive to produce and sell the best Bengal kittens on the market, so that our pet owners have a stunning eye catching little leopard, they are no ordinary looking cat!!! We pride ourselves on producing the very best kittens with fun loving personalities. We love each of our kittens and are thrilled when each of our lovely kittens is born. All our kittens are priced individually on their coat, pattern, structure/build, head profile, eye shape and many other factors.

This is a rough guide as to our prices for our special kittens (this is only a guide and once you have seen photos of the kittens, I will be able to tell you an exact price for the particular kitten you pick)

  • Our marbled kittens start from $550 to $1100
  • Our brown spotted/rosette kittens are from $1200 to $2500
  • Our silver spotted kittens are priced from $1200 to $2500
Although sometimes we have kittens that may be priced lower because of other factors.

A non-refundable amount of $200 is required, before a kitten can be put on hold. *Please note that we do not sell our cats for breeding purposes. We have a closed breeding program and only work with very few breeders.

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We like our kittens to go to the very best and loving homes and it delights us very much to see our kittens leave knowing that they will be going home to wonderful and loving homes and they will have the best lives and give so much back to the family’s that adopt them. If you are interested, you may want to contact us because we may have kittens available that are not on our site.